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What Louise can do for you
Communicate with your digital customers
A higher turnover
A healthy portfolio growth
Automatic claims management
Less administration

Louise in Actie

How can Louise help your office?

More business in less time


More sales

By using different data sources, you can better serve new customers and increase the potential within your existing portfolio.


Higher efficiency

Increase the efficiency and speed of both the production and claims processes within your office, by using the intelligent applications that Louise provides.


Less administration

In addition to drawing up quotes and managing damage in just a few moments, Louise answers customer questions and maintains partner contacts.

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Tailored advice

Risk and needs analysis

Based on a short conversation, Louise analyzes the risks and needs of your customer and provides customized insurance advice.

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Offers in an instant

Product comparison

Louise compares prices and conditions of all partner companies in just a few minutes.

Louise Compare Products

Sign digitally

Online subscription

Let your customer digitally sign the chosen products at the office or at home, thanks to an online subscription link.

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Service & Upselling

Customer follow-up

In addition to answering questions, Louise helps identify new potential within your portfolio.

Louise Data VisualizationradiusLouise Progression

Fast and efficient

Automatic claims management

Louise automatically manages incoming claims and maintains communication with the customer, the manager, and the insurer.

Louise Claims Flow


Your virtual assistant

Transform Louise into the ‘look & feel’ of your office to strengthen the personal bond with your customer in a digital way.

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Louise is ready for you, and so are we!

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