The insurance
platform of the future.

WeGroup is an online distribution platform that helps insurance providers give and follow up on advice in a digital or hybrid manner.

Trusted by 700+ insurance brokers and partners

Breng de risico's en behoeften van jouw bedrijfsklanten in kaart

Hanteer een optimale dienstverlening voor jouw bedrijfsklanten. Capteer de risico’s en behoeften van kleine en middelgrote bedrijven en lever hen een gedetailleerd en op maat gemaakt rapport. Lees meer

Kirsten van Snick
Verantwoordelijke bij Van Snick & Partners
"Een visueel en gebruiksvriendelijk platform. Geweldig om op zo'n manier met mijn zakelijke klanten het proces te doorlopen."
Gerichte vragenlijst

Beperk jouw risico op onderverzekeren door een gerichte vragenlijst, volledig gebaseerd op de antwoorden van jouw klant.

Offerteaanvraag bij partnermaatschappijen

Vraag snel en efficiënt een offerte aan voor jouw prospect of klant door het genereren van een rapport voor jouw partnermaatschappijen.

Adviesrapport op maat

Genereer met één klik een op maat gemaakt adviesrapport met productaanbevelingen, mogelijke uitsluitingen en voordelen van jouw kantoor.

The all-in-one platform for
every insurance broker

Your pre-sale all-in-one distribution platform offering unseen productivity and efficiency. Advice, analysis, annual follow-up, digital endorsement.

Pieter-Jan Lefevre
Founder of AllCover
"The constant evolution of WeGroup ensures that we can achieve more turnover. Highly recommended for every estate agent who wants to assist their customers in the best possible way."
Integration with partners

Integrate your insurance companies and business packages into our distribution platform to optimise your workflow.

Streamlined workflows

Benefit from streamlined workflows that save you unprecedented time, so you can provide your customers with the best possible service.

Extensive databases

Thanks to our extensive databases, you can automatically obtain public information, such as a new vehicle, new premises, company numbers, etc.

Image of a comparison table and a chat between a customer and his broker

Advise your retail customers the way they expect it

Optimise your entire workflow for retail customers. Attract new customers, follow up existing ones and guide them through the insurance process in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Support your private customers
Davy Degezelle
Managing Director of Degima Verzekeringen
"WeGroup saves me alot of time. What used to take me easily more than an hour to service my clients, takes me now only 30min. I can help two clients instead of 1, thanks to WeGroup.
Prepared interviews

Prepare yourself for a first meeting with our preparatory questionnaires for your prospects or customers.

Insurance product comparison

Get price indications based on conversations with your client. Avoid double entry and export this information directly to the insurance company modules.

Customised advice report

Generate a customised advice report with product recommendations, exclusions and office benefits in one click.

Map the risks and needs
of your commercial customers

Capture all the risks and needs of small and medium-sized businesses, report them in detail and communicate them effectively.

Support your business customers
Kirsten van Snick
Manager at Van Snick & Partners
"A visually pleasing and user-friendly platform. It's great to follow the process with my client companies in such a way."
Targeted and dynamic questionnaire

Limit your risk of underinsurance with a targeted questionnaire, based entirely on your client's answers.

Get quotes from your partner companies

Quickly and efficiently request a quote for your prospect or client by generating a report for your partner companies.

Customised advice report

Generate a customised advice report with product recommendations, possible exclusions and benefits of your office in one click.

Become one of our 700+ insurance brokers who trust WeGroup

Provide an unseen level of service by using WeGroup's distribution platform just like other insurance brokers on a week-by-week basis.



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Risk analysis performed
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Start with the insurrance platform of the future
More than 700+ insurance brokers are using WeGroup's platform. Are you next?

Our platform benefits everyone

The WeGroup platform is an advantage for every part of the insurance process.

Position yourself firmly in the market and enjoy the increased productivity and less administration.

Image of the weGroup platform for intermediaries.

Optimise numerous office processes and improve communication with various stakeholders

Image of the weGroup platform for Insurance Brokers.

Exceed your customers' expectations with fast, simple and transparent communication.

Image of the weGroup platform for end-customers.