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Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide insurance providers with a robust and user-friendly platform, enabling them to enhance their service for clients through digital and hybrid approaches.

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We aim to assist insurance intermediaries worldwide in better understanding their clients, enabling them to serve their end customers in the most efficient manner possible through technology and digital innovation.

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Thanks to this innovative approach, WeGroup has already received over 20 international insurance, startup, and technology awards.


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Like every WeGroup rockstar, we constantly strive to reinvent ourselves each day. We work diligently to shine on the grandest stage, creating a unique experience for our audience.

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We are "real". By being open and sincere, and by generating trust, WeGroup aspires to set a new market standard.


We take ownership of our responsibilities. By making steadfast commitments to consistently enhance WeGroup's products and services.


We enable the industry to stay connected. Quickly, seamlessly, and transparently.


We possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge, ensuring the provision of technical solutions and the necessary expertise within the insurance realm.


We are fueled by innovation and technology, serving all stakeholders in the insurance sector.


We achieve our goals through teamwork, constantly striving for improvement, and enjoying our journey as a team.


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Thanks to our fantastic partnerships, we have grown and reached the position we stand at today.


Het WeGroup verhaal

Take a stroll through our company's history, as we kickstarted our mission to help insurance intermediaries digitally connect with their clients.

May 2022

Technology for Corporate Clients

Continuing its evolution in Belgium and the Netherlands, WeGroup develops an innovative module that enables insurance intermediaries to conduct in-depth analyses and assess needs for enterprises through a streamlined workflow.

Photo of Arvid De Coster, the CEO of weGroup, during one of his first pitches.
September 2017

The beginning

In September 2017, three founders with backgrounds in insurance, computer science, and business economics came together to establish WeGroup. They shared a common vision that insurance should be presented in a simple, fast, and clear manner.

January 2018

The Insurance Platform of the Future

The team begins to dedicate themselves fully to the development of a platform that empowers insurance product providers to better serve their customers and operate more efficiently.

March 2019

Rapid Growth and International Expansion

WeGroup undergoes swift growth, transitioning from a typical "garage startup" to a comprehensive team of engineers and insurance professionals. Concurrently, it takes its initial international strides by establishing offices in London (UK) and Warsaw (PL).

January 2020

The Benchmark in Insurance Efficiency

By the year 2020, WeGroup has emerged as the definitive benchmark for high-tech and innovative solutions that contribute to improved customer interactions, increased productivity, and process optimization.

Photo of the WeGroup team winning at the Vivium Digital Awards
August 2020

€3 Million Raised

The success of WeGroup reached its pinnacle with a capital increase of €3 million. The prestigious French fund Truffle Capital and the Belgian Seeder Fund joined forces to contribute this amount, enhancing WeGroup's position in Belgium and facilitating its entry into the French market.

September 2021

Risk and Needs Analysis

WeGroup develops technology to map out "risks and needs" and generate tailored automatic recommendations, empowering insurance brokers to deliver personalized services.

Image of the new Risk Analysis feature, showcased during one of our broker breakfast sessions.
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