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Ghent's brightest

Who is WeGroup?

WeGroup is a group of young ambitious minds that wants to change the game and make insurance great again. We do this by nurturing and celebrating our talent and having an insatiable urge to grow.

Meet the team

Ghent's brightest

Brilliance in action

At WeGroup, we love to engage in witty banter and involve ourselves in creative and productive discussions.

We love talent

Young Talent Program

Are you our diamond in the rough? If you want to develop your talent in an innovative and fun-loving environment you can apply as a student for a job or an internship.

Young Talent Program

“At WeGroup, our team embraces something which I like to call the "Rock Star Culture". We all have the same aspiration to become the best in our field and are prepared to work hard for it. That is what makes our team unique and I am confident this will continue to make us successful.”

— Arvid De Coster
Co-Founder & CEO

You are never too young for success. 

Our team has an average age of 26 years old which makes our groupies the fastest learners in the business thanks to the guidance of a very experienced board of advisors.

Did you know there are miniature Lamborghinis spread around our office?

They represent the dreams and ambitions of our groupies and serve as a reminder to have the courage to pursue them.


We have to admit that we don’t always take the time to quench our thirst for knowledge. Hence you’ll notice a pile of unread books at our office attained by our groupies over time.

Our opportunities

Your future shines so bright, you’ll have to wear shades.

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